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Docu-Series: Homophobia In Black Greek Letter Orgs

In an attempt to tackle one of the largest elephants in the room, Journalist and Activist George M. Johnson has teamed up with SlayTV for a Docuseries chronicling the topic of Queerness and Black Greek Letter Organizations.

George tells his story of being Queer and navigating the heteronormative masculine space that is BGLO’s. Through his story, he addresses the issues of homophobia, a movement for Black Lives that is currently being led by Queer people, and the disconnect between BGLO’s and the LGBTQ community. George also discusses how LGBTQ issues are BGLO issues and the separation of the two is a detriment to work needing be done to fight against the shared goal of ending white supremacy.

In an attempt to bring all sides to the table, he will include commentary inclusive of other members of Greek Letter organizations (hetero and homosexual), to gain a full understanding of the issues that remain on both sides, in an attempt to bring resolution to an problem that has gone ignored for far too long.

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