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A candid fireside chat about the sheer size of the global QPOC media market, and how using blockchain technology to create a new cryptocurrencies can help us fund the evolution of our authentic and unapologetic stories in mainstream media.

Slay Co-Founder and Blockchain Prioneer, James Felton Keith will give a product overview of Slay Coin and the value proposition of using a blockchain to raise money for the future growth of inclusive media. He will be joined for a fireside chat with Reggie Middleton, the founder of Veritaseum which boasts a 200 Million Dollar blockchain token offering, and Steven Schwartz, the Vice Chairman of the International Personal Data Trade Association and expert of trade of digital assets.


James Felton Keith

James Felton Keith, affectionately known as JFK is author of Personal Data: The People's Asset Class. A technology pioneer he has designed products with data over the past 20 years in finance, insurance, and advertising. He is responsible for a writing and critiquing a large portion of the cyber policy on the planet as Chairman of the International Personal Data Trade Association. His primary focus is economic inclusion and his work has been featured in periodicals like the Wall Street Journal, USA Today properties, Forbes and he has given keynotes at global venues like the United Nations, Money20/20, and Future Tech Congress to name a few. Most importantly to us he is a Co Founder of Slay. and it's affiliate brands like Slay.TV, Slay.Fest, and Slay.Coin. 

Steven Schwartz

Steven Schwartz is a Managing Director at CEO Quest and the Vice-Chairman of the International Personal Data Trade Association. A noted thought leader on the topic of risk management of cyber related assets like personal data, Steven is a Founding Board Member and Vice-Chairman of the International Personal Data Trade Association and Founded Global Cyber Consultants. Recently named “New York City’s 2017 33 Under 33,” Steven has personally consulted, managed and negotiated the risk management & insurance programs for worldwide, publicly-traded entities in excess of $50M in Annual Premiums. 

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Reggie Middleton

Reggie Middleton is the founder and CEO of Veritaseum, a blockchain, technology company that specializes in producing software, which performs and publishes forensic research on tradeable assets and provides smart contracts that allow clients to take exposures in those assets, peer-to-peer without a third party.  Mr. Middleton guides a small team of independent analysts to uncover truths seldom, if ever, published in the mainstream media or Wall Street analyst reports.

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